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    telecommunication tower, wind turbine lattice tower, substation gantry structure, transmission tower manufacturers

    It is a good idea high quality products to buy from suppliers or manufacturers Instead of buying expensive, low quality products in your location. Of course, it is easy to find all kinds of products on the Internet but there might be some situations. For example, a company you found on the Internet may claim to be a manufacturer, even if it is not actually a manufacturer and maybe it is only lable a company even there is no place, it would not be nice to suffer big losses.

    So we are here with you we will try hard to get reasonable price and good quality products. Our main goal is not to victimize our business partners in any way. we will take maximum care of our business partners and protect their rights. we’ll follow each step on your behalf until things go smoothly.

    What are the advantages of outsourcing procurement services  ?

    • The advantage of speaking local language with manufacturers and suppliers
    • The advantage of finding medium-sized freight companies that are hard to find on the internet
    • Advantage of researching the reality of companies
    • you will be saving your own time while we research
    • The advantage of the company to be able to control at various times during manufacturing
    • the advantage of being in the company and providing you with information during loading
    • you will be saving expenses of flight tickets, accommodation etc.. the advantage of this expenses left on your pocket
    • The advantage of making quick researches according to the product features and target prices you specify.

    Let us be your supplier of steel lattice towerelectrical gantry tower, telecom tower, transmission line tower

    We offer procurment service on a % commission basis, in this way, you can get the products you want to buy more safely and quickly, you can get rid of unnecessary costs and you will get the product you need cheaper.

    Turkey has lots of manufacturing of many different kind products and some of them as below

    telecommunication tower manufacturers, galvanized steel lattice tower manufacturers and substation structure manufacturers and transmission tower manufacturers in Turkey and mainly products: electrical power transmission tower parts, power transmission line tower components, wind turbine lattice tower, galvanized steel tower, lattice tower structure, electrical gantry tower substation, power substation gantry structure, cell phone tower components, cell phone antenna tower

    who look for procurement services for import from Turkey

    What we do

    • find manufacturers of the best possible quality and most affordable products
    • being the bridge between buyer and seller
    • Follow up the production process of the products
    • controls for the presence and quality of products
    • tracking products until the customs procedures are over
    • organization of transportation and customs affairs of products
    • Follow up of all stages related to the arrival of the products to the importer
    • investigating the existence and condition of the manufacturer in doubtful situations
    • preparing of legal documents before problems arise to protect the rights of the customer.
    • defend the rights of the buyer and refer to local authorities

    you’ll be working directly with transmission tower manufacturerstelecommunication tower manufacturers in Turkey and electrical power transmission tower parts, wind turbine lattice tower, substation gantry structure….

    The steel needs of the project you are running are of vital importance. poor quality products later a time can hurt your head. so try turkish products, it is also a world-class turkish products produced are of high quality and affordable prices and fast production. turkish steel products produced in Turkey and you can be absolutely sure it will not be a problem with them.


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